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Upload Your "My Finds" Pocket Query Zip File so the site can analyze your caching history
If you are a Premium member of, then you can download your "My Finds" Pocket Query Zip File from the geocaching site. This is a special pocket query that contains all of your cache finds history without any limits. Check out our instructions on how to download this file.
Customize Your Profile by adding information about your caching history, configuring your preferred settings, and adding or removing profile sections
As you make changes to your profile such as setting your timezone, adding your lab cache finds, and entering your First to Finds, you'll need to re-upload your "My Finds" Pocket Query Zip File to see these changes reflected in your profile images. Uploading your My Finds file is what refreshes your profile images.
Preview Your Profile to see your finished product! You'll also have access to HTML code that can be used to display your profile on other websites.
If you'd like to share your profile on your profile page, you can copy/paste your profile HTML code into your Bio field. Check out our instructions on how to do this.
The next time you want to update your statistics, just upload your latest "My Finds" pocket query zip file!
That's it! The profile images you copied to will update automatically. There's no need to re-copy/paste your profile HTML code to unless you want to add or remove an entire profile section!
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Check out our Cacher Rankings section that compares the find counts, difficulty and terrain averages, and many other of the caching accomplishments of our users. Customize your own Fizzy Well Rounded Cacher Challenge, Alphanumeric Cacher Challenge, or Alphanumeric Cache Name Challenge and include it in your profile. Try one of our Encryption Codebreakers the next time you're stuck on a Mystery cache!
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