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Frequently Asked Questions
When I upload a pocket query, I get an error that it's an invalid file!

Everytime you want to update your statistics, charts, and maps with your new cache finds, you'll need to download a new My Finds pocket query from Go to the "Your Pocket Queries" page, make sure the "Active Pocket Queries" tab is selected, scroll down to the "My Finds" section, and click on the "Add to Queue" button. A new My Finds pocket query will be generated and will notify you via email when it is ready to download. Note that you cannot use pocket queries that you create/customize yourself on or other sites. Only this special "My Finds" pocket query ZIP file will work. Other files will give you an error if you try to upload them.

The My Finds pocket query can only be downloaded once every three days.

When I try to upload my file, the upload bar just spins or restarts. The website never even gets to start processing my stats.

If your file won't upload, first check that you're uploading a .zip file and not the unzipped .gpx file. gives you a .zip file, but some web browsers like Safari will automatically "unzip" the file for you when you download it so you're left with only the .gpx file. Uncompressed .gpx files can be too large for the site to handle. To fix, either "zip" your gpx file before uploading or set your web browser so it won't unzip the file when you download it. This is very easy. Instructions to stop Safari from doing this can be found here.

I've updated my stats on, but my profile on hasn't changed at all!

If your profile images on are not updating after you've uploaded a new My Finds PQ on, it's very possible that your web browser is "caching" (no pun intended) your old profile images. "Caching" means that your web browser saves copies of the old profile images and won't reach out to to get the new updated images. Web browsers often do this to help load images faster. Try clearing your web browser's cache to fix the problem. Instructions for clearing the cache on several different browsers can be found on the "Refresh Your Cache" website.

I can't sign in and the site isn't giving me any error messages.

If you're trying to sign in, but the site just keeps prompting you over and over again without any errors, try clearing your "cookies" in your web browser (if you're a more advanced computer user, you can delete just the cookie for "") Cookies are small files that websites save on your computer to handle signing in/out of sites. Sometimes they get corrupted and you'll have issues signing into a site until you delete the cookie and get a fresh one. If you're not sure how to clear them, take a look at this webpage which explains how to clear cookies in each web browser.

I want to change my password.

You can change your password using the following link: Change My Password

My Adventure Lab Caches aren't showing up or contributing to my stats.

Adventure Lab caches finds are not included in pocket queries and therefore the site cannot learn about your lab caches when it processes your file. However, you can manually enter the dates that you found adventure lab caches so they'll be counted toward your total find count, cache type stats, and chronology stats. To do this, go to the Customize Profile page and scroll to the Enter Adventure Lab Caches section. Select the day you found a lab cache and how many you found and add it to your lab cache list. After you're done, upload your My Finds pocket query to refresh your statistics and your lab caches will be added to your statistics.

Some of my cache find dates are wrong and this is throwing off my GeoStreak and Days of the Year Chart!
First, make sure you have set your timezone from the Customize Profile / Statistics and Charts page's General Settings section. Once you set your timezone, re-upload your My Finds PQ and see if this fixes your date problem.

If you still have an incorrect date, it might be an issue with the information in your My Finds pocket query. All once in a while we find that a My Finds PQ will have the wrong date information for a cache even after being corrected for your timezone. Groundspeak has some extra info on dates/times that isn't included in the My Finds PQ. There is one thing that fixes the problem. Go to and delete your original log for any caches that are registering the wrong date and then recreate the Found It logs for these caches. You should put the same "Found it" date of course so your stats stay the same, but just recreating the log is usually enough to straighten out the issue. You'll need to get the newest My Finds PQ after you make the change and then upload it to to see if it worked. If you need help troubleshooting a date issue, please Contact Us and we can help.

I think a cache I found is counting towards the wrong US state county or UK county.
If you believe a cache you found is being counted toward the wrong US state county or UK county, please email us at and include 1) the waypoint of the cache in question 2) the county that you think the cache should count toward and 3) your My Finds PQ zip file as an attachment to the email so that we can troubleshoot the problem. If it looks like the cache was indeed being mislabeled we can fix it in our system. The vast majority of caches are labeled correctly, but occasionally a cache will fall very close to the border and our map files will mark it incorrectly.

My cache attributes aren't being found in my My Files pocket query!
If your cache attributes are not found in your My Finds pocket query, you'll need to upgrade your GPX version on the website. Go to and change your GPX version to 1.0.1. Save your changes and then download a new My Finds pocket query. From now on your My Finds pocket queries will contain attribute data.

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